Your Time Is Valuable. Hire A Freelancer For Your Blog.

Your Time Is Valuable. Hire A Freelancer For Your Blog.

How bloggers can outsource most of their work on Fiverr

As a blogger, at times, it feels like you have an endless amount of responsibilities that eat up your precious time. What if it were possible to delegate some of your work to people who can do it for you at reasonable rates? That possibility is a reality with the help of Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to hire a freelancer to handle some aspects of the blogging process. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the tasks you can outsource on Fiverr to free up more time for what really matters- interacting with your readers and producing content.

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a site where individuals can sell small services for $5 or design. The services generally fall into several categories: graphic design, writing, voiceover, and translation. However, there are plenty of other services being offered that can significantly reduce your workload. We’ll talk about all those services and how you can avoid the time-sucking traps that come with the territory of being a blogger.

The true secret of using a site like Fiverr is…

It’s to know what are the key factors in the success of blogging. If you have no clue on what it takes to build a successful blog, you’re opening yourself up to a world of chasing your tail like a dog while wondering why nothing is working out. Nothing will work out because you don’t know how to instruct people what to do properly. You first must know the proper ways of blogging, getting traffic, and all the other tasks required for success before you can tell someone else what to do. Hiring a freelancer on Fiverr is a great way to outsource any task in which you are not yet an expert.

The name Fiverr is a little misleading

Fiverr, in the beginning, focused on getting people to offer tasks for only five dollars. Throughout the years, Fiverr realized that the real money is in getting people to spend more at their site. So, sellers can still offer services for five dollars, but you’ll see people charging more than five bucks. Still, even with that said, you’re going to find incredible deals at Fiverr for almost everything that a blogger needs to stay competitive.

Let’s dig a little deeper and discuss how Fiverr can help you

Fiverr sellers are creative, and they come up with all kinds of services to offer bloggers. Almost every one of you reading this can benefit from using a Fiverr service to lessen your workload. The important thing to remember is, what you’re trying to do more than anything is get the most bang for your buck. You should outsource the work that takes you too much time that distracts you from producing the best quality content possible.

Fiverr is great for hiring graphic designers

If you need a logo or an infographic made, look no further than Fiverr. The designers are very talented, and you can get some fantastic work done for incredible prices. An infographic, for example, can lead to your blog getting quite a bit of viral social traffic. Hiring someone to make one for you is a small price to pay if the infographic you have made ends up taking off and getting you thousands of visitors in exposure.

You can also hire graphic designers to design a logo for your website. Unless you are already adept in Photoshop or Canva, hiring a freelancer in graphic design can help you set your blog up to look professional and beautiful.

Find someone to tweak under the hood of WordPress for you

If you’re a beginner blogger, you’ll probably want to hire someone to do some custom work for you under the hood of WordPress. This includes things like installing a theme and making other types of adjustments that only a seasoned expert can handle. Since these are fairly routine tasks, you can easily find someone on Fiverr to do it. Fiverr is a great place to find WordPress experts, and usually, they’re quite inexpensive.

Hire a freelancer to write blog posts for you

Are you a writer who just can’t find the time to get all of your writing done? Hire another writer to help out. This is such a huge time saver because you’ll only be paying them for the work they do. The best part is that you can give them specific guidelines on what you want to be written, and they’ll do the writing for you, which leaves you more time to focus on other tasks. This is a great way to find a person to write blog posts for you. The hope is that you’ll form a long-lasting relationship with the writer, and they will fill your blog with high-quality content.

Keyword research is a great task to outsource

Blogging is a very competitive field, and it’s hard to be successful without doing some SEO work. You’ll find that Fiverr is the go-to place for SEO services, so there will be plenty of people at Fiverr willing to help out with your keyword research. They’ll do all of the tedious work, and you can make full use of their research by plugging in the keywords they provide. If you’re looking for a way to get more search engine traffic, Fiverr can help significantly. The top Fiverr keyword search gigs will use various paid tools, and good old-fashioned Google searches to come up with the keywords that you should be targeting on your blog.

Hire an editor on Fiverr to correct your blog post’s grammar

Google does care about the grammar and readability of your blog posts. If you don’t take the time to have your work edited by a professional, you’ll find that readers won’t enjoy reading your posts as much. However, if you do want to hire a freelancer to edit your content for you, Fiverr has all the editors you’ll ever need. You can have multiple editors look over your work, and they can all correct errors for a fraction of what you’d otherwise spend by hiring them directly.

Hire image editors to enhance your custom images

Many bloggers like to take custom photos because they know Google and their readers like them. Sometimes your images need editing, and you don’t want to spend all day working with Photoshop. This is where Fiverr comes in again. You can hire a highly skilled image editor on Fiverr to enhance your photos for you. They’ll be able to crop them, put text on them and do many other things that you’d ordinarily have to do yourself.

Hire a freelancer to create a lead magnet to lure people to join your list

So, you’ve wanted to start an email list for quite some time. You haven’t had the gumption to create a lead magnet to create an offer no one can refuse. Well, luckily, this can be outsourced as well. You can hire a Fiverr writer to create a lead magnet for you. You can even outsource the book cover and the landing page if you want. You can get a ton of great email subscribers, and then you can market a wide variety of products and services to them.

You can even hire someone to write your email messages for you

While we’re on the topic of email marketing, you can have someone write your emails for you. You can have someone with a ton of experience write your email messages for you. A good example would be someone who has made tens of thousands of dollars from having their own email list and knows how to write them. They can write compelling, to-the-point emails that people want to open and read. They can offer you an incredible amount of value in a short time.

All of your social media can be outsourced on Fiverr as well

Don’t waste your time tweeting, pinning, and posting on Facebook. You can outsource all of this to Fiverr. You can have a team of people doing it for you. You can give them detailed instructions about what you want, and in no time at all, they will have your social media growing like crazy.

Have someone perform an SEO audit of your blog

There could be a million things going on in the background with your blog that are hurting it that you have no idea. Usually, SEO audits are inexpensive and fast. The Fiverr seller will look for dead links, broken images, or code that causes your blog to load slowly. The seller will send you a detailed report that you can go over and easily fix and problems that might be holding your blog back in your Google rankings.

Guest posting isn’t dead, no matter what anyone says. You need to build links back to your site to help you rank better in Google. The person you hire on Fiverr will search the web for opportunities for you to guest post on other blogs. They’ll send potential sites to you. You can then either contact the blog owner yourself about getting a guest post or you can outsource that too.

Bloggers like to use YouTube because it can drive serious traffic to their blog. Video editors are a dime a dozen on Fiverr, as is people who can make voiceovers, intros and outros, and anything else that you need for your YouTube videos. Who knows, you might even be able to find someone to star in your videos, so you don’t have to get in front of the camera.

These are just a few of the tasks that you can outsource to people on Fiverr

There are many other types of tasks that you can outsource to Fiverr. Click around on Fiverr and take advantage of their search feature. Fiverr works really hard to get new people to join their site, and that means there’s a constant influx of people who are willing to perform all kinds of services.

The key to using Fiverr is to find great sellers who deliver constant quality

You’ll need to make sure that the people you hire on Fiverr are good at what they do. You might have to go through a few sellers before you find one that is truly great. Make sure that you take the time to read through their reviews: the more stars, the better. The important thing is to be totally honest with your seller about what you want to be done and be completely open with them about how you will pay them. Don’t beat around the bush on Fiverr.

Here are some tips for hiring the best freelancers on Fiverr

The two most important things are the gig’s title and description

It’s easy to find yourself caught up with a fancy-looking thumbnail, but it’s not as crucial as many would like to believe. The two most important factors are the actual title and description of the gig. The title should be a good description of what you want to be done. The real meat of the gig is in the description. What you’re trying to determine quickly is if the seller knows what they’re talking about.

Pay attention to the language they use in their description as it will let you know if they have a firm grasp on what the task requires. It’s not unheard of for someone to post a gig and have no clue how to complete it. Fiverr has no way of screening people to determine if they are capable of doing what they claim.

The response time is crucial because it shows how often they’re online

The faster the response time, the better because it proves they take their work at Fiverr seriously. If they’re slow in responding, there’s a good chance that you’ll be waiting for hours, even days. There’s nothing worse than having someone ghost on you. Anything over a day is unacceptable, and ideally, you’d want to do business with someone who responds within a few hours at the most..

A clock
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The seller’s last delivery offers an important clue

If the seller hasn’t delivered anything in days or weeks, it’s safe to assume they’re no longer active on Fiverr. Ideally, the best person to hire on Fiverr is someone who has completed a gig within the past few hours. You have to factor in that people don’t work all day and people need to sleep, so it’s not always possible that a person can complete an order within 12 hours or maybe even a day. However, the top sellers usually work at least five days a week, and their last delivered gig will be reflective of it.

A high feedback score is a must

Fiverr sellers can have up to a five-star rating. However, the top sellers are getting well over a 4.5-star rating, which directly reflects their quality. It’s not realistic that a seller who does many transactions will have a perfect five-star rating all the time. There’s always one nit-picky person in the bunch who wants to ruin someone’s perfect record. With that in mind, you should try to find sellers who have as close to a five-star rating as possible.

The length of time a seller has been on Fiverr isn’t as important as some think

Sure, you want to hire a freelancer who has been working on Fiverr long enough to prove themselves. Though, if a seller is new and has a high feedback ranking, and has recently delivered a gig, that’s enough to consider making a purchase. New sellers can have great gigs and deliver quality work just as well as someone who’s been on the site for years. The key is to be open and honest with them.

Never hesitate to fire off a message and see how they respond

Sometimes it’s great just to shoot over a message to a seller and see how seriously their reply is. You might find that some sellers are willing to do whatever you want because they desire the money. Other sellers could care less, and they are the ones you want to avoid. If you’re planning on making a large purchase, it’s always best to contact the seller to get a feel for who you’re working with.

There is no aspect of the blogging process that can’t be outsourced to Fiverr sellers

Hiring a freelancer on Fiverr has the potential to help you save hundreds of hours on mundane tasks. The best thing about Fiverr is that you can outsource any aspect of your blogging. You can find the best sellers and, most importantly, trust them to get the job done right. You can give them instructions, and they’ll understand what you want. They’ll have your blog growing like crazy in no time at all.

It can’t be stressed enough that you must learn how to blog before you can outsource

Many new bloggers think they can hire a freelancer and have a blog that millions will immediately see within days. It doesn’t work that way. If you want to outsource your blog, you’ll need to learn how to do it yourself first. That means you must know how to do keyword research, how to properly format a blog post and the best ways to promote it to get traffic and build links.

You can run a blog on autopilot with the help of Fiverr

After you understand all the tasks required to make a blog successful, you can break down each of them and outsource them to Fiverr sellers. If you’re not knowledgeable about making your own blog successful, you can’t instruct others to do what is required for success. No matter what task you need to do, someone on Fiverr is more than willing to do it for you at a price that will pretty much guarantee that you’ll turn a profit.

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