Video Tutorial: How to Make Ghost Cupcake Toppers With Fondant

Video Tutorial: How to Make Ghost Cupcake Toppers With Fondant

Halloween is here! This is the time of year when my family decorates our home with a ridiculous amount of pumpkins, ghostly lights, witches, skeletons, cobwebs, you name it. When we come into the house, we proclaim, “Spookers are home!” My family’s love of Halloween is deeply rooted in our family traditions of crafting, baking, and watching “Gar-Halloween-field.” One quick and easy way to get into the Halloween spirit is making spooktacular fondant cupcake toppers for your Halloween cupcakes.

I’m SO SCARED – Of Fondant!!!

Seriously, there is nothing scary about this project other than the spooky ghosts we will be making together. I love working with fondant. It isn’t the tastiest thing to eat, but it creates some of the most beautiful cake and cupcake designs I have ever seen. If you really want a better tasting fondant, you will need to cruise over to the Wilton Marshmallow Fondant recipe.

Essential Tools

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This post is a little different from my regular recipe posts. For starters, there is no recipe. In order to make the fondant cupcake toppers, you need to purchase some essential tools. You can use cupcakes baked from a box and a can of frosting. If you are looking to go 100% homemade, use your favorite cupcake and frosting recipes of choice. I have my own favorite recipes that I will definitely share in future posts. Below are the essential tools that I use when making these cupcake toppers. Click the picture or the link to purchase.

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VIDEO: Create Your Own Spooky Ghost Cupcake Toppers

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